Top Fastest Growing Industries In The World 2020

Top Fastest Growing Industries In The World 2020

growing industries in the world Today I’m gonna be covering the Best top growing industries which you can actually you know also bank on over the next five to 5 years, what do you really need to have in place, okay.

Top Fastest Growing Industries In The World 2020
Top Fastest Growing Industries In The World 2020

So hi there, my name is Ahmad Salim, and I am really in the digital space for the last six to seven years.

I’m a musician turned social media geek I never thought I would be in this space and with the pure intention, Also vision to keep growing with changing times.

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So even though I come from the music industry, I’m right now in the social media industry and I know I could possibly be in a totally different industry five to six years down the line with this mindset one of the reasons new I did this research is so that I can give you the information Today without any fluff, okay.

Also Straight off the bat, hard-hitting information I know that can potentially change the course of your life okay change the course of your destiny for today whatever it may be.

So the first thing I wanna tell you is that no matter what you have studied in the past, maybe whatever industry background that you’re coming from, I would like you to understand that if you have a fluid mindset if you have a fluid way of thinking that, “You know what? If my industry is not good Also I’m ready for a new change.”

Today if you start you know, acquiring the skills in that, and there’s a high chance that five years,10 years down the line, and you’re gonna be more valuable in the market place you are gonna be creating a better good income for yourself and you’ll be afloat with the fast-changing times.

So let’s first understand some hard-hitting facts here Let’s get into this There are three hard-hitting facts that you need to know today.

Number one, 75% according to Forbes, 75% of companies are gonna disappear in the next five years out of which 50% of them are not yet born.

Interesting right? 75% of companies are gonna disappear in the next five years The second hard-hitting fact is over two billion jobs are gonna disappear by the year 2020 with all the changes that are happening.

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Especially industries like the power industry, coal industry, transportation industry, line repairment, all of that is gonna get obsolete So two billion, Also I’m talking jobs are gonna disappear by 2020.

And number three is 85% of jobs that will exist in the year 2030 haven’t been invented yet That means the school and education system today, they have not yet started to create Best that kind of curriculum also to soothe the job for 2020 and this was you know, mentioned by Dell Company here okay, the founder of Dell, Michael Dell Company.

So these are some of the most important points or hard-hitting facts there are many more facts but I’m not listed that here because I just wanna bring let’s go straight into the top 10 dying industries.

Let’s start from the top here The first dying industry is the videotape and disc rental industry If you’re somebody, if you know somebody who has a video rental shop library where you go you know, get CDs and discs and stuff, this is gonna go.

Okay, this is already dead for most Also we know, like with Netflix that’s coming on It’s a goner industry The second one, is libraries and archives you know, actual libraries going there.

Also, That’s dying, and people have everything in their Kindle, and in their palm, okay also so government libraries aren’t going to be used and as much as how it use to be used that’s the sad truth of the world.

Number four is the photofinishing industry also a dying industry and because today you have everything and you know, in your palm right now actually do all the editing, photofinishing, you have high-Best resolution cameras at your fingertips this is one industry that’s going down also Newspaper publishers are going down.

In fact, New York Times also is, their subscription base has been dropping drastically which is why now they coming up with an app-based model, a subscription-based model where at least they get $3 per day, $300 per month kind of a thing for getting some kind of revenue through the newspaper.

How much money is going to printing and all of that? Also, that industry is gone, five years down the line it’s gonna go down in a much, much more drastic way.

Telephone apparatus manufacturing one of the days of the old telephone days Even now if you look at it, it’s all mobile manufacturing which is moving up not the old telephone you know, apparatus and which is still around and but it’s like nearly dead right now.

Now I come from the music industry studied sound engineering and this industry is going down also Sound recording studios, okay he was saying he knows just in the last 40 days, he knows four music studios, reputable studios that have shut down So this is another industry that’s going down and going down really fast.