The latest numbers of coronavirus infections in the world

The latest numbers of coronavirus infections in the world

It has spread to 191 countries and territories Corona Virus Today  on Press Conference

Patients: 334514 people
Victims: 14598 people
Improved: 97574
Today’s patients: 29543
Today’s Victims: 1591

Corona Virus The latest Press Conference Today

The latest numbers of coronavirus infections in the world
The latest numbers of coronavirus infections in the world

Coronavirus 19

WHI we encourage all countries to use this and other many other guidelines which are all available on the WHI website but we’re not only advising countries.

We also have advice for individuals around the world especially those who are now adjusting to a new reality we know that for many people life is changing dramatically my family is no different my daughter is now taking her classes online from home Corona Virus.

Because her school is closed during this difficult time it’s important to continue looking after your physical and mental health this will not only help you in the long term it will also help you fight coat if you get it first eat a healthy and nutritious diet which helps your immune system to function properly second limit your alcohol consumption and avoid sugary drinks served don’t smoke.

Smoking can increase your risk of developing the severe disease if you become infected with coronavirus 19 fourth exercise who recommends 30 minutes of physical activity a day for adults and one hour a day for children if your local or national guidelines allow it go outside for a walk-run or a ride and keep a safe distance from others if you can’t leave the house find an exercise video online dance to music do some yoga or walk up and down the stairs if you’re working at home Corona Virus.

WHO Headquarters COVID 19

Make sure you don’t sit in the same position for long periods get up and take us three minutes break every thirty minutes we will be providing more advice on how to stay healthy at home in the coming days and weeks fifth look after your mental health it’s normal to feel stressed confused and scared during a crisis talking to people you know and trust can help support other people in your community can help you as much as it does them check on neighbors family and friends compassion is a medicine listen to music read a book or play a game and try not to read or watch too much news coronavirus.

If it makes you anxious get your information from reliable sources once or twice a day to increase access to reliable information who-oh has worked with WhatsApp and Facebook to launch a new who-oh health alert messaging service this service will provide the latest news and information on Kovat 19:00 including details on symptoms and how to protect yourself the health alert service is now available in English and will be introduced in other languages next week to access it sends the word hi to the following number on WhatsApp zero four one seven nine eight nine three one eight nine two.

We will make this information on our website later today coronavirus 19 is taking so much from us but it’s also giving us something special the opportunity to come together as one human to work together to learn together to grow together I thank you dr coronavirus.

Ted Rose, I’ll now open the floor to questions well we don’t have a floor but I’ll open the virtual world to questions and first in the very long queue is to you from quinoa – can we please have your question, yes we hear you very well almost a week from now a g20 countries will be here a meeting to discuss the Gobi 19 and they have an impact on a global economy and the question is now China has reported no new cases since yesterday coronavirus infections.

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What does it mean for China or doesn’t mean for the rest of the world and what are the difficulties the lying ahead for China in combating this global pandemic thank you I think the simple message in the Director General’s comment is it’s a message of hope it’s a message that this virus can be suppressed we can break chains of transmission it takes a huge effort it takes a knowledge society effort it takes coordination it takes solidarity it takes activated communities it takes brave health workers it takes supply chains coronavirus infections.