Afghanistan wants to use China’s experiences fight against the Corona virus

Afghanistan wants to use China’s experiences in the fight against the Corona Virus

Today President Ashraf Ghani:

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during a meeting with Mr. Wang Yu, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, talked about how to fight the Corona Virus and use the Chinese experiences in this regard.

Afghanistan wants to use China's experiences in the fight against the Corona Virus
Afghanistan wants to use China’s experiences in the fight against the Corona Virus

During the meeting, which was also attended by the First Vice President and Chief of the State Department, President Ghani first congratulated the Chinese Ambassador on his good efforts to combat the C V.

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The president thanked the Chinese government’s proposal to Afghanistan to fight the Corona Virus, adding that the agencies would work on how to use the aid effectively.

President Ghani reiterated: Yesterday, in a video conference of the Sarkozy Summit, I suggested that member states of the Sarkozy and Shanghai organizations coordinate their efforts to fight the Corona Virus effectively and continuously.

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Corona Virus

The president said we want to learn from China’s experience to move quickly to build buildings for coronary care clinics quickly.

He added that we continue to use China’s experience of how to fight the  Corona Virus in urban areas because our cities are also vulnerable.

Likewise, we want to take advantage of the key Chinese experiences in the city of Wuhan, which combats coronation and connect with Chinese health professionals in the city through video conferencing.

President Ghani said that we want to buy medical equipment from our national budget to fight the C V and a list of these equipment has been prepared.

“Another important step we can take together is to create a coordination mechanism so that Chinese experts, Share their important lessons and experiences with Afghan professionals.

“We have an open border with Iran, where thousands of Afghans enter the country every day, and we want the same fight against the  Corona Virus that you have in Herat,” he said. Wuhan city experience.

He emphasized that the flow of business imports to Afghanistan would continue as usual and that all routes, including railways, should be open.

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In contrast, the Chinese ambassador said that we have received a list through the Afghan Foreign Ministry and we are working to provide the equipment you need to prevent the Corona Virus.

He added that flights from the city of Urumqi to Afghanistan would resume as soon as possible, with the proposed Afghan equipment being transported to the country as soon as possible.

The Chinese Ambassador also said that we are ready to cooperate with any other suggestions you have, particularly in sharing our country’s expertise through video conferencing.