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How does immigration affect German society?

Immigration to Germany How does immigration affect German society?

This year (2019), almost 800,000 refugees might come to Germany.

Do they see their future here? Do they want to belong, and to integrate?

Immigration to Germany How does immigration affect German society
Immigration to Germany How does immigration affect German society

Or are they going to live in parallel worlds? I fear that Germany will make the same mistakes as when it called the “Gastarbeiter” [immigrant workers] in the 1950s and 1960s and then parallel worlds were established.

The German constitution states that men and women are equal Some immigrants see that in a different way Because the wife only belongs to him, not to anyone else that´s why she should wear a headscarf and not put on any make-up and all these Lawyers are warning against the parallel justice of so-called “justices of the peace In Germany, only German law is applicable, and nothing else, and it applies for everybody, for immigrants, and for refugees as well.”

Many demands that the values of open society have to be defended No freedom for the enemies of freedom and no democracy for the enemies of democracy Do we need an immigration law like Canada? How tolerant Germany has to be?

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I am on my way to elementary school in the city center of Neu-Ulm.

Here, some pupils had justified the killing of the Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris The pupils argued that those journalists had insulted the prophet The headmaster was appalled by the pupils´ reaction, and informed parents, police and the public There were statements like ´Christians must be killed, Jews are on the same level as pigs and if they [the Muslim pupils] had to paint across or look at a cross, they would lose their ´Islam power´.

This kind of statement can not go uncommented, not if they come from children, who one day will be adults The headmaster started a discussion all over the country, and she realized: her school is not an exception I got answers from all over Germany, and many reported to me that at their schools, the same topic came up, but that they wouldn´t dare to make it public Are we too tolerant at many points? I personally often find us too tolerant I believe we should make a neat cut and say Until this point we´re tolerant, but everything that goes beyond is impossible, and we don´t accept it in Germany.”

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Teachers are trying to give their pupils an understanding of basic rights In this class, a film about a so-called honor killing of a young woman has been discussed Almost all the pupils are born in Germany and have German citizenship, and nevertheless, some of them showed understanding for the culprit, not for the victim I also have a sister, she is 16 years old. I go mad when she goes out with a friend.”

Immigration to Germany

This is not allowed But you are German! You are born here, you have German citizenship You must keep the sister´s honor We have a constitution here! Generally yes, but I don´t accept it.”

The other pupils listen attentively, and now others raise their voices:

“I am born here, yes, I am German  Lena, Laura, Lisa? Marrying?

Having as girlfriend maybe yes, but not marrying.

With us, it is like this: We must have a fellow countrywoman, an Albanian I am Albanian, so it must be an Albanian, and a Muslim too Does she have to obey you?”Yes certainly. As Baran already said: If she goes out with men or even sleeps with them, then violence would probably follow If teachers talk to parents about this kind of statement of their children, they sometimes get insulted If I tell this kind of thing loud and clear to the parents, then comes the accusation: ´Ah yes, you are a Nazi.

Sometimes I believe that we step back because of our historical past and say: No, we are no Nazis anymore, and that´s why we are very tolerant But in my eyes, that´s the wrong step Some madrassas as well are implanting certain images into the children´s heads In this madrassa in Bavaria, we are allowed to shoot our documentary As in almost all German cities, DITIB (Turkey´s religious authority) sends the imam is answerable to the Turkish government  Every 4th year, a new one is sent.

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He doesn´t have to speak German and often doesn´t know living conditions in Germany The children learn the Quran in Arabic by heart, without understanding this language There is no discussion Not about the women´s role in Germany either I read in the Quran: The wife must obey her husband Is this so? Yes, this is it. Because the wife only belongs to him, to no-one else that´s why she should wear a headscarf and not put any make-up and all this Immigration to Germany How does immigration affect German society?

We accompany this young man from the madrassa to his home for 20 years, the Aslan family has been living in Germany. They have 5 children.

The father has his own flower shop Would you agree if your daughter wanted to marry a young man from her class whose name is Felix and who is catholic and comes from Lauingen?”

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