Best SLR Camera Lens Recommendations 2020

Best SLR Camera Lens Recommendations

Best SLR Camera Lens Recommendations The Power of DSLR Cameras is in Their LensTechnically, the sensors owned by all cameras camera lens recommendations.

Best SLR Camera Lens Recommendations
Best SLR Camera Lens Recommendations

They are almost the same in presenting the range of colors that exist in nature and then poured into the form of digital data.

The most fundamental difference lies only in the choice of different tones between one camera brand with another camera.

If Canon Tonal is known for its soft colors, Nikon boldly brings up contrasting colors, not until there are some brands that are less well known in the market by the layman turns out to have the characteristics of sweet colors such as the famous Fuji film.

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This is very compatible with skin tone models and Olympus capable bring up different accounting colors with other cameras, but all these differences can be minimized by the development of media editing and managing photos such as Lightroom, Photoshop and the like.

Super Wide Lens for Landscape Photography

All existing photo management applications are able to overcome almost all problems that arise in the photo if used correctly except for one thing, namely the characteristics of the lens in inserting images into the sensor.

The lens is a very special thing for the landscaper because there are unique characteristics that characterize each photo produced to strengthen the character of the photographer himself.

The following is an article deliberately compiled by Current News for those of you who have just been looking for references on DSLR camera lenses for the best landscape photos, as a comparison, we divided the lens into two groups, premium lenses at high prices and also landscape lenses at cheap prices for sale. with prices under 7 million rupiah.

Landscape and Long Exposure Lenses: Mountains, Seascape, Forests, Panorama and Architectural.
This type of lens is a lens with wide and super wide characteristics or by the terms Wide and Super Wide.

The main purpose of a wide lens is to capture all interesting objects in one frame so that connoisseurs get a picture of the state of the object.

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Apart from the purpose of a super wide view, this type of lens is used to photograph tall objects with narrow spaces such as trees in the middle of the forest and also buildings in urban areas.

Recommended advice for this lens is premium lenses with a maximum focal length of 24 mm for Full Frame Cameras and 18 mm crop factor cameras or APCs.

As for the lens recommendations are as follows:

Tokina 12-24 mm

Tokina 12-24 mm
Tokina 12-24 mm

There is a little racist feeling in my heart when giving a review of this one lens.

My experience as a writer and photographer gives a lot of added value from Tokina 12-24 lenses for both Canon and Nikon.

The lens that gives the dimensions of the image towards infinity is very helpful for landscape photographers to get wide sharp dimensions (Long DOF) unfortunately this lens is not designed for full-frame cameras so that focal lengths below 14 mm will produce very disturbing vignette images.

One thing that benefits from this lens because it is priced at a price of $ 720 and is quite cheap for the size of a premium quality lens.

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Canon EF-S 10-22 mm

Canon 10-22 mm lens is designed for landscapes that are equivalent to 16 mm lenses in full-frame cameras.

Canon EF-S 10-22 mm

Even though it is sold at a low price which is in the range of $ 640 or around 8 million rupiah for the exchange rate of 13,000 rupiahs.

Some photographers consider this lens to be a bit less sharp but for a low-cost landscape lens, the Canon EF-S 10-22 mm is wide enough for the crop factor camera size.

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Sigma 10-20 mm

For those of you who don’t have enough budget to buy a Canon EF-S lens 10-20 mm is a more home alternative offer.

A range lens that has a range of pliers equivalent to a 10-20 mm lens belonging to Canon can be an advantage of Sigma lenses.

Not to mention that this lens is priced at a super cheap price of $ 460 which increasingly makes the choice fall to Sigma.

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Nikon 10-24 mm

One of the best lenses from Nikon which is very sharp and gives a color tone that fits in Landscape photos.

Sharp results with a range of focal lengths of 10 mm to 24 mm are very compatible for wide view photography and Architectural with super short angle, just like with other Nikon lenses, Nikon 10-24 mm is sold quite expensive with prices around $ 900 for super sharp and contrast quality typical of Nikon.

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Tamron 10-24 mm

One well-known lens vendor that manufactures many lenses for Tamron DSLR cameras is also trying out landscape areas.

Tamron mandala lens with a focal length range from 10 mm to 24 mm.

The lens that has the biggest aperture of f / 3.5 is quite sharp which is priced at $ 500 cheap enough for a super-wide class lens.