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how much money do actors really make

How to Make Money as an Actor how much money do actors really make?

Money as actors Hey guys what’s up it’s my Najila and welcomes currently news all things money and acting how much money do you make on Broadway can you make a sustainable income as a performer how do I not be a starving artist we’re gonna talk about all of that in today’s first off how dare you I’m always weird.

How much money do actors really make
How much money do actors really make

Second, off I am a little under the weather so if I sound a little off please bear with me because of the topic of money and making money as an actor is kind of a doozy also perfect timing.

I’ll talk about them a little bit later and how they all kind of tie into this concept in the theme of this post question of the day what question are you dreading hearing this holiday season for me it’s always been so how to do you you even make really aunt Gayle can’t you just pass me a baked potato what question do you hate getting let me know in the comments down below so the truth to that question, it depends and it depends on a ton of different factors.

How ACTORS actually make Money!

I’ll share some actually hard and fast numbers and salaries in just a little a bit but first I want to address some misconceptions regarding finances and being an actor so growing up I kind of had this idea that once you book the Broadway musical or the TV show you are set you’ve made it you’re an actor you have done did its truth is that’s not usually the case I was listening to Ahmad on a podcast a couple of days ago if you guys don’t know Ahmad I worship him he played Buster on Arrested Development Garry, on he’s the voice of forky in Toy Story 4 I was listening to a podcast the interview he was doing and he said.

How to Make Money as actors

Something that really stuck with me you know most people will go on a job interview for two to three months and they’ll find a job that they’ll do for two to three years as after you go on job interviews okay auditions for two to three years for the chance to work for two to three months this is a job with very little security and a ton of competition it’s fickle and it’s subjective you can lose out on a role that you are technically the best option for and you still won’t get it just because the casting director was having a bad day or you’re two inches too short to fit into the costumes that have already been made this industry doesn’t care about you so on one hand that might sound like the most morbid concept super scary super terrifying why the heck did you say that cat Christmas is canceled but to me and the older I’ve.

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How to actually make money as a performer?

Got I kind of see it more as a relief if you don’t look a job it’s not because you’re an untalented piece of garbage it just means that the casting team went in another direction distancing your emotions from that and having a healthy kind of outer perspective of what the industry is a really valuable skill set and one that I kind of wish I developed earlier in life so the truth about being a working actor as your profession most actors have more than one job you know I feel like the common a trope is that actors are always side hustling you know like they’re a waiter or they’re a hostess or a barista and they’re just waiting for their big break and I totally feel that I’ve worked tons of jobs that were in glamorous, I’ve worked in food service I’ve worked in retail nothing killed my creative vibe more than getting off of work only to How to Make Money as actors.

How to Make Money as actors

discover that I was covered in other people’s yogurt that makes no sense out of context I worked at a yogurt shop still totally sucked and everything was sticky and smelled like fake sugar so why do we do this to ourselves we need the cash and it’s flexible when you’re working a job with a changing schedule and lots of coworkers it’s potentially a little bit easier to try to switch a shift so you can go out to that midday audition another Avenue you can go down is finding a job that not only pays the bills but it’s something that you love you can even try to find something that actually uses your performance skillset it might take up a little more time in your schedule or it might not be as flexible when it comes to scheduling it might feel a little better for your soul you could be a private music.

How to Make Money as an Actor

Teacher, you could teach a dance class you could work for a theatre company that you love I did that for two years in college, you could be a birthday party performer you could sing at weddings you could be a fitness instructor.

I know so many dancers who help make ends meet by teaching some Zumba classes or a barre class something that I really want to emphasize and D stigmatize having more than one job as an actor doesn’t make you a failure speaking of which let’s talk about doing more than one show at a time or balancing your schedules so that you can have more than one show at a time and by that I mean let’s talk about.

How to make your day job a performance

job so tons of my friend’s tons with my co-workers a bunch of actors that I auditioned and worked with while I was working for that equity theater company everybody tries to balance more than one project or one job at a time and you often need to financially, for instance, a really popular situation is that someone will be in a long-running production I feel like the two most popular that I always see are burlesque shows or Disneyland shows so a lot of people are in these long-running shows and then they add on an additional project usually like a traditional musical one with a two to four week rehearsal process and then a two to six week performance run a fantastic piece of advice that I feel like was never really taught to me until I kind of figured it out in the workforce think outside the box doesn’t just try to make money off of doing musicals.

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Different performance jobs that can earn you a paycheck concerts live events burlesque cabarets short film student films full feature-length film television streaming service shows acting in a music video I was searching everywhere to find this quote I love but I can’t find it so now I’m totally gonna misquote it but a Broadway actor I love once said I do television to support my theater have it of course television is its own art form as well but learning.

How to diversify your skillset as a performer will definitely help you when it comes to your income also if you have other talents use them come up in college I made money as an onset makeup artist I have tons of actor friends who have learned how to stage-manage or direct children’s theatre think about what other rules in the industry you could potentially fill with your skillset you can find tons of these job opportunities plus traditional acting auditions on backstage promo and joke aside I really love backstage it’s a tool that I’ve used both as an actor and a casting director if you don’t know.

How to make money as an actor is an insanely important

Backstage is a great way to find your next audition you get access to tons of casting breakdowns and audition information and then you can filter through them you can find auditions that fit your age location gender identity union status and more the great thing about backstage is that you self submit that means that you don’t need to go through an agent I’ve used backstage to get those jobs only to find out that my co-stars went through their management team to book that audition that means that they lost a percentage of their paycheck from an audition that they could have just booked themselves you can get your first month of backstage for only $5 when you sign up using the link down below thank.

You to backstage for creating that awesome discount code and for supporting the nerdy contents that were made right now so another really valuable skillset that you need to have as an actor or just as an adult, in general, is creating a budget learning how to save money as an actor.

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Money, especially in this industry, is crucial there can be really high highs of employment followed by a really long and difficult drought now there are tons of different ways to manage your money but if you’re new to this I’d really recommend starting out by recording everything you spend in the next month this is something you can even start doing if you’re still in school or if your parents are helping you out write down every expense, if you buy new shoes if you fill up your car’s gas tank if you spend a dollar buying talkies at the gas station when you fill up your car.

Write it all down seeing all your purchases laid out in front of you can not only help you create a budget for the future but it can help you identify your spending habits and see if there’s something that you might need to change so let’s talk money so how much do you make as an actor as I said it really depends on some shows only pay you a gas stipend.

How to make money online

Just enough money so that you can fill up your tank to go to rehearsal some shows pay you a couple of hundred dollars for the run or maybe for just a week basically it’s just kind of whatever the company offers unless you’re in the Union all of us can get kind of complicated so I’m going to break it down as simply as possible and I’m just going to kind of hit the major bullet points the union for stage actors is Actors Equity Association most commonly referred to as equity or if you see a casting breakdown on line it might be shortened to an  I wrote this down because I didn’t want to get the numbers wrong the national tour weekly minimum salary for most unionized musicals this the year is 2000 and $95 per week on the flip side some non-union tours are only paying their actors four hundred and fifty dollars a week.

That topic and why don’t you just become equity and why are you becoming equity is a whole nother

conversation for a whole nother day so how much do you make on Broadway according to playbill the current minimum salary for an equity performer on Broadway is two thousand and thirty-four dollars a week now you can get an additional pay bump if you’re doing extra for the show let’s say you’re understudying or you’re the fight captain or the dance captain I’ve had friends on Broadway who literally have the second job usually it’s like money as an actor.

How to make money online for free

teaching a dance class during the day or maybe offering to a coach now you might be sitting there totally freaked out and petrified and horrified and so scared for the future and I feel that when I put all of this info together I did to stay in the dark is 20 times scarier than having the proper information needed to know how to prepare for this life what’s gonna save you here what’s going to allow you to be a performer as your job knowing how to budget developing a diverse and sellable skillset not taking rejection personally knowing that most people work on more than one show or one job at a time.

How much money do actors really make

I find that really comforting this career is insanely tough not only in the work that you do but figuring out a way to maintain it so that you can maintain yourself and your life but if you’re in the same boat as me entertaining is in your blood so no matter what you’re gonna make it work you’re gonna figure out a way to make a living and make a career and you’re gonna kick butt doing it and I’m rooting for you I hope this post inspired you or at the very least informed you and hopefully wasn’t too scary huge thank you again to I hope you guys are having a great day I love you so so much.

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