Japanese Man Living with a doll

Japanese Man Living with a doll

Japanese women are cold-hearted and selfish”, says a man who found a surrogate for his partner in a life-size silicone doll.

Something that would be frowned upon in Germany is not shocking in Japan. Here, it´s accepted by society.

Japanese Man Living with a doll
Japanese Man Living with a doll

But it covers the problem behind it: Solitude and social isolation. Nils Kicker met a man who doesn´t really see a problem in this. When he wakes up in the morning, her eyes are still open. In Senji Nakajima’s world, this is OK.

He tenderly calls the silicone next to him “Xiaomi”. Seven years ago, Xiaomi came into his life out of a catalog.

By now, she is supposed to be 23 years old. Senji is 62. One day, he had to leave his family. “It´s been some time now that I live alone without my family because my company made me move to Tokyo. It´s a lonely life.

Without doll, or let´s say without something human-like, this solitude would be hard to bear.” In Mr. Nakajima´s world, living with a doll is beautiful.

But there are also problems. Xiaomi is only one of his loves. He has two and a half others as well. And they are also jealous, he says.

Japanese Man Living with a doll

That has nothing to do with the fact that one has lost her head. But still: For men like Senji Nakajima, life with real women is too complicated. “A real woman would be a problem because I am married.

The needs of women are difficult to fulfill. It´s always about money, and different interests. Dolls are not as demanding.” Xiaomi is around 1.60 m tall and weighs 30 kilograms. She´s a happiness Mr. Nakajima can still carry in his arms. In a basic configuration, Xiaomi costs around 5,000 Euros Japanese Man Living with a doll.

Wig and dress come as extras. Senji Nakajima doesn´t think that he will lose contact with the rest of society. “In the future, people will live together with robots. What are robots? Family members? When they become part of our daily life, they are almost like family members.

Pet animals also belong to the family. I don´t see a big difference here.” Mr. Nakajima doesn´t seem to feel uncomfortable attracting regards on the streets.

But there is no conversation-starting. Today as an exception, his real wife Yayui is waiting at his home.

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From 200 km distant town of Ibaraki, she comes to Tokyo every two months to do the housework, like at the time when it all started with the dolls. “At the beginning, I was suspicious. I cleaned the bathroom and found long hairs. Has there been another woman taking a shower?, I thought.

Then I heard about the dolls and felt relieved.” Today, she has a pragmatic view of living with her husband. “I would like to put the dolls aside when I do the vacuum-cleaning, but they are too heavy for me.

So I just lift their legs and clean below them.” This doesn´t sound like a jealous wife, but more as if she has come to terms with this life. What will happen in three years when Mr. Nakajima gets retired? “I don´t know how it will be with the dolls.

Maybe we will all live together then, my wife, the dolls and I.” It sounds like his wish, and it could be the way back into the family, maybe Japanese Man Living with a doll.